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Laundry service

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Customer: Ahmadi Brothers Company
Project manager: Engineer Mehdi Mohammadian
Executive project: Namco cooling equipment service
Start: 15 August 98
End: 28 June 99
Proper installation according to the dishwasher standard is very important, because it can prevent some problems. Also, the care and maintenance services of the device, by conducting training courses by a skilled technician, can solve minor problems and defects of the device and increase its useful life. Dishwasher repair is also necessary by a specialist repairman in the event of a problem in a machine that causes it to malfunction, and should be followed up immediately to prevent the obstruction from escalating. One of the fast and professional services of Karabama in repairing home appliances, installation, service and repair of dishwashers, which is provided for all models and sizes of dishwashers by experienced experts of the same brand.Our experts guarantee that any problem with your dishwasher will be solved and provide you with a valid multi-month warranty, so that you can rest assured about the quality of the services you receive.

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